47th Latitude


Another installment of pic and a poem inspired by Kuzu kuzu by Tarkan

“The weather swallows

It’s a herd of those clouds that follow

It is the drop of rain that precedes another

The skyline might change

But 47th latitude remains the same

It’s the weather that follows

Kuzu kuzu, its Karma, its constant”



Another installment of pic and poem inspired with Green to black by Rebelution –

“Life takes a new corner

Spring brings the colors on

Chill it is when green turns to black

Spring prospers green

Its not just the color but the message in between

Rejuvenation is what we stand for”

Arial View

ArialViewAnother installment of pic and a poem, inspired by Grapefruit Diet by “Weird Al” Yankovic –

“F = M X A, Force is mass in to action

Planets revolve around the sun, and Kepler’s laws govern the motion of moons as well

206 bones and 850 odd muscles, make up the Human anatomy

Shades, tinges, palettes and complimentary colors contemplate a theory

There are conflicts, conundrums and disputes in all of above in a close up view

But take a 10,000 foot shot, theories, hypothesis and beliefs gel well in an Arial view

In an Arial view, harmony and beauty abides, in an Arial view”

Boarding down a wonder is priceless

St. Helens

Another installment of a pic and a poem inspired by White Horse, Taylor Swift:

“Rewards and returns don’t tally up

Forces might dig a huge crater after a big blow

Life is not a fairy tale and days do drag on

The breadth encompassing all shades

And boarding down a wonder is priceless”