Run, Dinner and Salsa!

A few weeks ago we started a social get fit and have fun event! Every Thursday evening a group of friends get together to do a 3-9 mile run, then cook an awesome meal and follow it with a social dance!! What a triathlon :). Here are some pictures and videos of the event.


I’ll add more details about the nature of this Triathlon soon! Meanwhile if you are interested to join us, drop me a line!

Salsa 2A – Class one!

In an effort to link all my online sites, I’m importing posts from some other places. I took Salsa 2 a year ago.

So finally i’m writing my salsa steps one more time. Yesterday i attended Salsa 2A class at Century and it was amazing! I figured out the mistake i was doing in cross body lead, basically i was trying to cross over my left foot, move right foot towards the follower and then move left foot. This would get me in an akward position so actually the steps were to cross left foot , shift weight in it(1) , shift weight on right foot in place (2) and then uncross the left foot and shift weight on it(3)!

We learned quite a few interesting moves.

Move 1: Cross-body lead (1-3), make sure you hold her hand and move her ahead , one-and-half-inside-turn (5-7)

Move 2: Spin the left arm anti-clockwise, change hands (1-3), do an outside turn (5-7)

Move 3: You are right-to-right, take a back step on left foot pull her towards you and be in go-to-movies-pose (1-3), take a back step and send her out (5-7)

Move 4: You are in cross hands situation, with left hand over right, do a cross body lead and at the same time ask her right hand on top and leave her left hand (1-3), send out and do an inside turn (5-7)!

I have a full 30 second salsa clip with move 1-4 now!!!!

Salsa fun!!

Back to Salsa! Its great to realize that almost after a six month break i havent lost that much of touch, but really i would love to be able to do the spins and flaps like the video above – Maris agrees too :) I should step it up !

Turtles and double turns! – Advanced Salsa it is!!

Alrite, i’m moving on to another level at Centrun Ballroom to learn more of Salsa! The 3-d class is teaching some rapid movements. Altough i couldnt dance yesterday because of my sprained ankle (yes, thats another story – i sprained it while rock-climbing, took my first trad climbing leader fall…).

Anways, the double turn involves switching the hands behing the back and then doing a pizza in 8 beats. Its then followed by Turtle where the gal through inside turn and across, then follow it with blocking her hand at elbow and having her do three quick inside turns in half a cycle.

So that way Salsa 3-d class 1, wow! I plan to keep a dairy of my salsa learnings here and hopefully i’ll learn faster and be more elegant soon :)…


More Rhumba!!

Danceworks is an amazing place on Friday nights! Last Friday i had a tonne of fun dancing to the beats of Rhumba, Swing, Salsa, Waltz, Two step disco, Foxtrot…. Its kind of strange how they pack all this in to one evening! However, the group lesson of Rhumba before the open dance was neat.

The routine is really elegant –
From a basic step of quick quick ‘ slow,
quick quick ‘ slow;
one moves to Quick Quick ‘ right leg forward,
left leg forward rock rock ROCK;
left leg forward left leg back ‘ turn her outside in clockwise direction,
bring her back in anticlose-wise direction;
move left leg cross and ‘ turn her around,
left leg back in position and do a full basic turn;
go back on your left leg then move forward on left leg,
and turn her around such that she is in a lock position (i.e with twisted arms);
circle around 180 in quick quick slow,
move around her while scratching her elbow and come in front of her!;

Count the number of semicolons in above routine, its 6!! So there you go! you have a routine to spend atleast 12seconds!!! Wohooo!!

Quick, quick, slow, slow

Yep! I’m dancing more:). This time is quick lessons in Rumba and Waltz at Danceworks studio.

Rhumba is one of those shaky latin dances with the basic step to trace a box. Its

(1, L)          (2,3, RL)
|                    |
(5,6,LR)         (4, R)

The instruction video in the link above show a different way of Rhumba but above one is what I learned. Its more Waltiz and less shaky ;). The

Waltz is the founding father (or mother) of ballroom dances. The basic step is a box step with uniform beats no quickies like rumba:

(1, L)       (2,3, RL)
|                 |
(5,6,LR)       (4, R)

Remember to hold the Women at shoulder blade and look in eyes. Smiles make dacing fun :). Waltz is a romantic slow moving progressional dance. Progressional implies that you more with your partner through the dance floor (mostly in counterlclockwise way).

Thats all for Dance-101 as of now :).

Salsa Zone

I’m learning Salsa from Michelle Badion at the UW Experimental classes. I’m pretty interested by the moves I learned so far. Here is the sampler, well not a video tape yet but just more ramblings :).

  • Dont do basic steps at any point the easiest thing to make the follower feel that she is going places is to keep doing half turns all the time.
  • If you are in a close hand position and want to go to open arm position then do a half turn to get in that position.
  • Basic step 1-3, turn – turn – turn 5-7, Back Step 1, She 2 goes, Back Step 3, he goes 5, back step 6, she goes 7, basic 1-3 : Is michelle favorite turn!
  • Fancy turn: raise her arm- 1, back turn 2-3, turn her around to side 5-7 and she is locked in to you, front step 1,-3, turn her out 5-7 …
  • Side step has three turns: Full swing (one and half turn) outside turn, Half inside turn, full inside turn.
  • Side step is like basic 1-3 and step on side on 5 and 6-7 is the turn or she goes to the other side (ie half turn).

Thats all for Salsa as of now. I have to write the step in more detail and there are quite a few i forgot ;).