Time and again it seems to be really really difficult to win people. I wonder what how trust incubates. We seem to trust people in about couple of minutes while even after a life-time one fails to trust a sincere person. Is trust a two way handshake? or Is it a culmination of events. Lessons in inter-personal phsychology!! :)

Catalan Me

Mark pointed out that inspite of declaring my self as half Catalan i didn’t ask forgiveness in the language. So here i go, “Perdoneu-me, si us plau”. Its has really been great hearing from friends after a long time. Every once in a while many small glitterring and tittering remenisces of mates makes one feel better :) but keeping in touch strengthens that bond.

On an unrelated point i’m interested in looking at alternative ways of authoring in modern times. The same ol’ traditional way of sitting, organizing ones thoughts and then pennning then down can certainly be bettered!! I remeber Jason at UCSC had an interesting idea of having a spider run through some of onces unrelated ideas and make a poem for you. He claimed this to be a good working material to render the poem better, than the traditional mode of the dreamers. Any other relevant efforts?



I’m sure most people haven’t heard of “Masonry”. Masonry is an ancient fraternity, so called way to re-discover oneself. Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Goethe belonged to the Masonic order. Its rumored that George Bush and Dick Cheney also come from Masonic Lodge/ Temple.

So like me you are puzzled; Whats this Masonry all about?