Calle Johansson — A great friend and a true inspiration!

I met Calle 8 years ago in a mountaineering class and ever since we have connected and become great friends. It was always amazing to see the energy in Calle.  I remember on a rainy day, we were doing some trail maintenance work for Washington Trail Association. Amist a lot of rain and the cold weather, we were hauling a ton of debris on mid-fork of snoqualmie river trail.

All this time, Calle was the cheerleader for the group and the 8 of us were constantly inspired by the work that Calla did and the way he inspired the rest of the group to work. That would just be a taste of what was for the days to come. I ended up climbing a fair bit in my basic mountaineering course with Calle and a few other friends. after this mountaineering course we remained as friends and it turned out we both worked for Microsoft. Continue reading

Math time!

Well in the modern age of digital slavery, there are hardly times when something keep our intellectual curiosity engaged instead of fueling our attraction to yet another distraction, be it IM, Facebook, twitter or TV!

I was delighted to notice that CBS is feeding our mathematical curiosity through, Numb3rs, Its also great to see Wolfram fueling this –

I intend to solve the puzzles. Here is the first one – You have a 7 liter bottle, an 11 liter bottle, and a bathtub filled with water. How can 2 liters of water be measured into the smaller bottle?

Update (May 4, 2009): Project Euler has a good set of problems around number theory, it will be fun to solve them!

Fixing my aging Canon S400 camera

I vividly remember buying a pretty expensive ($450, if i remember correctly) 3 Megapixel Canon S400 camera from circuit city back in 2004! and now for less than half the price you get twice a better camera.

Anyhoo – my aging camera has begun to limp. Just after few minutes of use the batter dies. I have two lithium ion batteries and its the same with both. Also once in a while i do get memory card error. Its unlikely that my battery is dead, but it might be something which this post points. So i’m going to try and reset the internal battery for the camera, if that fails my default plan is to contact Canon.

Happy Birthday Maris!!

originally uploaded by vbha.

We had a blast at Maris’ birthday yesterday.

The original plan was –

  1. 5:30 PM Meeting at Seattle Centre for a Bonfire
  2. 7:00 PM Get Dinner at Bamboo Gardens
  3. 8:30 PM Hit the Ice rink at Seattle Centre
  4. 10:30 PM Enjoy Piano Duet at Chopstix,
  5. 12:00 PM play games at Marisa’s place or do as the group pleases!

From 6pm to 2:30am – we had a tonne of folks. We started at 4 folks became 8 then 5 and eventually tailed off to Myself, Maris and Marisa!!

It was really really great time!!! We didnt catch much of Bonfire but the dinner at Bambo garden was pretty good, and at the ice rink we witnessed a new record in Maris from not knowing how to skate to be able to skate backwards!! And yep.. we were able to put her on spot when the pianist sang for her at Chopstix (but i was in more akward spot because he sang “Dick in the box” on my behalf…)!! From 6pm to until about 2:30am this was a blast……!!

Oh the preview pics are here – more pics are coming for her Camera as soon as she returns from Estonia….

Thanks to folks for making it a success…

Social Networking Phenomenon

Alrite! Alrite!! I’m admittedly late here. But yep i killed a couple of hours today to get on all the possible social networks my friends and family have been wanting me to. So you can find me on myspace at, Friendster at and on Orkut. The demographics of the whole social phenomenon quite clear all my indian friends are on orkut while many of my American friends are on myspace and friendster. I still have to send invites etx for my buddies to link up, but i’m not really sure if can keep up with all that. So largely this blog is going to be my little window to the world! Yeah some-day i’ll update my homepage and integrate all this but until next time, so long.


Infinite Photos thats my collection and if you can browse them all i have equal number of them else where!!! Like all other mortals i’m having a tough time keeping my media (photos, videos, music), writings, emails, blogs, wikis, yahoogroups, msngroups and bookmarks away from fragmentation and at one nice location!! It would be really nice if there way to aggregrate all of them in some fashion where my family, friends, co-workers and aquaintances would view and collaborate on them.

The two most important factors for this to happen is that the medium has to be quick and easy to use. I can setup my home page to point and aggregate all of it its fast for me and works but i wont be able to collaborate on this. And yep it doesn’t scale.

So well come to new age phenomena… fragmentation of the golden egg!!! Every one agrees that the inet is the hen which gives a golden egg but unfortunately there are too many stake-holders for this golden egg or as rappers might put it too many daddy’s for a little chusa….:)

UCSC Homepage

VaiBHAv’s Homepage The UCSC all in one web-page, which i so dearly and nearly need to update. Its time to thing of a webstrategy, there is a craze nowaday of blogging. Atanu Dey, keep one for his ramblings, and seems folks have started aggregating desi bloggers!

Blogging is a great concept as it serves the purpose of keeping a daily dairy and a list of web-marks. But i dont know sometimes I would like to write things which are just for me not public and i love to use a book and a pen…it promotes thinking. I havent been convinced of the digital thinking capability, thats one of the reason why i ramble here :).

Btw, some one said a nice thing yesterday

People keep talking of Digital Divide but what about TV Divide, Radio Divide why wasn’t there one!


Steps To App – My MS Plans!

  1. Pre-app :
  1. Send emails to all the universities asking them about admission criteria and application deadline.
  2. TODO: Make a sample preapp email.
  3. October Mid
  • Select Universities Stage -1
  1. Make a list of atleast 21 probable universities
  2. Rank them in order such that 7 falls in each ranking triad.
  3. Sep last week – Oct 3rd Week
  • Select Universities Stage – 2
  1. Finalize the top 10 out of above 2 after intensive debate and thinking on criteria like Goals/Location/Fin Aid…
  2. Oct First Week – Nov First Week
  • App to unidersities Stage-1
  1. Apply to 1-3 Universities with

i. SOP

ii. Reco letters

iii. Transcripts

iv. Send GRE/TOEFL Scores to these universities

v. Portfolio of

1. EE Projects

2. Public Admin Experience

  1. Timeline Oct 22nd – Mid November
  • App to Universities Stage -2
  1. Apply to top 5-7 priority universities from Stage 3 using experience of stage 4
  2. Timeline: Nov – mid Dec
  • App to Universities Stage – 3
  1. Apply to 2-3 universities on your gut feeling even if they are not in the finalized list.
  2. Timeline: Dec – Jan
  • Follow up


  • Finish SOP Recos and Transcripts by Oct 20th
  • Also Make Portfolios by Oct 20th !!!
  • Give GRE by Nov First Week
  • TOEFL by Nov Second Week
  • Give TSE by Third Week
  • Target to Finish Apps by Mid December