Enabling Programmable Self with HealthVault and more..

Dear Reader –

Apologies I have been a bit on blogging hiatus! Among other things, I recently released my book on HealthVault, Enabling Programmable Self with HealthVault.

Quantified Self blog covered the book and the story behind it in its toolmaker talk series. Over next few weeks I’m hoping to post about a number of topics including Restful Health Exchange, NwHIN Governance, FHIR, HealthVault mobile applications and I’ll also be updating the compendium website for the book – www.enablingprogrammableself.com.

Please let me know in comments if you have suggestions for me to write about.

P.S. – I also moved on from Microsoft and I’m active in healthcare and technology community travelling frequently between Seattle, Bay Area and sometimes Minnesota.

Back from hiatus

I have not been very meticulous about doing regular posts, a lot has happened in last six months or so. I released a book, Enabling Quantified Self with HealthVault; left Microsoft, started my experiments with cocktail making (Libar), and had a tryst with embassies!

All of the above are great topics to post about! What’s your favorite one for me to belabor? Well I guess I’m back from blogging hiatus and hopefully summer will be here soon too :).

Nine links to help you ‘get’ HealthIT

Interesting nine links to introduce Healthcare IT!

1. Innovators Prescription: http://innovatorsprescription.com/
2. Redefining HealthCare: http://www.amazon.com/Redefining-Health-Care-Value-Based-Competition/dp/1591397782/ref=pd_sim_b_1

3. Patients Like Me: http://www.patientslikeme.com
4. Keas : http://keas.com/

5. John Halamka’s Blog: http://geekdoctor.blogspot.com/
6. Sean Nolan’s Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/familyhealthguy/

7. EHR: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_health_record

8. Whitepaper on EMRs in Ambulatory Care: http://www.himss.org/content/files/Amb_EHR_Implemention081507.pdf

Decision Support in EMR / EHR:
9. CDC Paper: http://cdc.confex.com/cdc/phin2009/webprogram/Paper21024.html

Dynamic Attributes

Domain Specific Languages in ruby are easily possible owing to the ability to add attribute methods on the Module class.

You might have seen :

class Module
  def attribute(*attribs)
    attribs.each do |a|
      define_method(a) { instance_variable_get("@#{a}") }
      define_method("#{a}=") { |val| instance_variable_set("@#{a}", val) }

class Person
  attribute :name, :email

person = Person.new
person.name = "Gregory Brown"

p person.name #=> "Gregory Brown"

Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2011

Myself and my esteemed colleague, Ali Emami will be at OSCON starting tomorrow. The healthcare track this year is packed with great content, we will be touching on HealthVault and Microsoft’s participation in the Direct project.

Last year I talked about Programming Healthcare Silos, the Direct project is an innovative way to bridge the silos in Healthcare and provide a secure provider to provider and provider to patient mode of data exchange.

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