Festival Of Forgiveness & Week Of Reflection

The week-long Jain Paryushan ended with Festival of Forgiveness today. As every year I wish to ask for you to let go of my mistakes.

Like last year, this year I decided to focus the week on some spiritual reading, and reflecting.

I picked up the book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. This is a very well written book on the journey of spirituality. Siddhartha after being a Brahmin, Shraman, Buddha’s disciple starts on a journey of this own with this quote — “Neither Yoga-Veda shall teach me any more, nor Atharva-Veda, nor the ascetics, nor any kind of teachings. I want to learn from myself, want to be my student, want to get to know myself, the secret of Siddhatha!”

In addition, to reading I’m doing some writing, I intend to keep up a very short writeup of my beliefs and ethics, and test it overtime. I got inspiration for it from this Codex.

Well on to next spiritual year!

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