Back to electronics!

Well I have been creating fun electronic projects for few years now. The hobby started during my bachelor’s program back in Mumbai, I create several electronic projects and won the electronics competitions, even though I was computer science major. Now that I finally have a space to work in, I’m thinking of devoting a small nook to be able to do electronic fun projects.


So what project would be I wanting to complete with my new electronics lab? Following is a short list –

Libar Bar Stool

The top project I want to complete is a bar stool which has an artistic led setup with alcohol bottles. I would like to incorporate a muscial instrument in this stool something along the lines of laser harp mention here, more on it soon. I want to try and use the Adruino’s for this project, but I have also been intrigued by electric imp! It might a be cool project to use the Arduino, Electric Imp and the COSM or Carriots service to internet enable and control your project.

Home Automation

Integrate various sensors (door), speakers, and LAN.

Buy List

What do I need to buy to setup my lab?


  1. Seattle Arduino Resources – a meta and up to date list is at
  2. Learning resources

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