Enhanced HealthVault Java Library!

The first release (R1.0) of HealthVault Java Library has been very successful and is being extensively used by HealthVault partners. This library provides basic capabilities to authenticate and exchange XML with HealthVault platform.

Over last few months, thanks to Rob, Siddhartha & Ali we have gained some momentum in developing this library. The current beta release (JAXB integration) includes beginnings of an object model for HealthVault methods and types.  Kudos to Rob for

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some great work here.

If you are already using the community supported HealthVault Java Library, I would encourage you to try  the new JAXB Integration release. It will be great to get your feedback before we make this work as our core development codebase. If you are new to working with HealthVault from Java please follow the getting started guide.

Looking forward to comments, feedback and contributions!


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