Understanding Vocabularies #2 – HealthVault Recommendations

In my last article in the vocabulary category, I described the need for semantically enabled data and how different categories of health data have different standard vocabulary / ontology associated with them. In the following table I attempt to summarize the recommended vocabularies for different HealthVault types.

Disclaimer: Please note this is not a definitive or complete list, and I will update the table as I discover inconsistencies. The definitive source are the XSDs associated with HealthVault data types.

HealthVault Type Type Schema HV Recommended vocabulary related to this type Comments
Advance Directive 822a5e5a-14f1-4d06-b92f-8f3f1b05218f None

Examples include living wills and power of attorney for healthcare.

Allergy 52bf9104-2c5e-4f1f-a66d-552ebcc53df7 icd9cm, icd9cm-reactions Details on ICD-9 Codes
Basic Demographic Information bf516a61-5252-4c28-a979-27f45f62f78d ISO-3166 Country of residence
Blood Glucose Measurement


Blood Oxygen Saturation


Body Composition


Body Dimension dd710b31-2b6f-45bd-9552-253562b9a7c1 body-dimension-measurement-names, body-dimension-measurement-names-pediatric  
Calorie Guideline


Concern aea2e8f2-11dd-4a7d-ab43-1d58764ebc19 concern-description Concerns are more general than conditions
Condition 7ea7a1f9-880b-4bd4-b593-f5660f20eda8    
Continuity of Care Document (CCD)


Continuity of Care Record (CCR)


Daily Medication Usage a9a76456-0357-493e-b840-598bbb9483fd dose-purpose, usage-schedule, x12-de-1330, prescription-type, x12-d3-355,  
Diabetes Insulin Injection Use


Discharge Summary


HbA1C Measurement


Health Assessment


health-assessment-name, health-assessment-value-sets, health-assessment-groups, health-assessment-category  
Heart Rate b81eb4a6-6eac-4292-ae93-3872d6870994 heart-rate-measurement-conditions  
HL7 Clinical Document Architecture, Release 2




vaccines-cvx, vaccine-manufacturers-mvx, medication-routes,  
Insulin Injection


Insurance Plan


Lab Test Results


LOINC, lab-status, lab-results-flag, More on LOINC here.
Medication 30cafccc-047d-4288-94ef-643571f7919d Rxnorm, NDC, medication-prescribed  
Medication Fill


Rxnorm, NDC  
Personal Demographic Information


blood-types, ethnicity, marital-status, religion, education-level,  
Pregnancy 46d485cf-2b84-429d-9159-83152ba801f4 delivery-complications, anesthesia-methods, delivery-methods, pregnancy-outcomes, gender-types, conception-methods,  
Question Answer 55d33791-58de-4cae-8c78-819e12ba5059 question-sets, answer-choice-sets  
Sleep Related Activity



November 2005, "Your Guide to Healthy Sleep", ISBN 1-933236-05-1

Sleep Session



November 2005, "Your Guide to Healthy Sleep", ISBN 1-933236-05-1

Vital Signs


lab-results-units, lab-results-flag,  


As  you can notice above we recommend ICD-9, RxNorm, LOINC, NDC. x12-de-1130, x12-de-335. We do prefer SNOMED-CT as well, however the application using it need to have license for it.

Having written the above I would like to match that with what Dr. Halamka recommends in his post. Note that I mention content column for completeness, however its not useful for comparison.

Data Content Vocabulary
Demographics HL7 2.x for messaging, CCD for document summaries HITSP Harmonized code sets for gender, marital status
Problem List HL7 2.x for messaging, CCD for document summaries SNOMED-CT
Medications NCPDP script for messaging, CCD for document summaries RxNorm and Structured SIG
Allergies HL7 2.x for messaging, CCD for document summaries UNII for foods and substances, NDF-RT for medication class, RxNorm for Medications
Progress Notes and Other Narrative Documents (History and Physical, Operative Notes, Discharge Summary) HL7 2.x for messaging, CCD for document summaries CDA Templates (interesting note)
Departmental Reports (Pathology/Cytology, GI, Pulmonary, Cardiology etc.) HL7 2.x for messaging, CCD for document summaries SNOMED-CT
Laboratory Results HL7 2.x for messaging, CCD for document summaries LOINC for lab name, UCUM for units of measure, SNOMED-CT for test ordering reason
Microbiology HL7 2.x for messaging, CCD for document summaries LOINC for lab name/observation
Images DICOM  
Administrative Transactions (Benefits/Eligibility, Referral/Authorization, Claims/Remittance) X12 X12, CAQH CORE

Next Time: I’ll try to update the above tables with more details and try to come with recommendations of which clinical type (in the Data column above) would potentially match with which HealthVault type.

As usual leave your suggestions in the comments.

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