Curious about whats under the HealthVault SDK’s hood?

HealthVault SDK provides a very useful feature to check under its hood! One can turn-on the tracing for the SDK very easily. The trace log is very helpful for

  • Debugging the SDK
  • Looking at the raw-xml exchanged between your application and HealthVault platform. The Raw XML in turn is very useful if you are:
    • Trying to write-xml in the thing types
    • Trying to write a HealthVault wrapper library in you favorite language
    • Just curious to look under the hood:)

To look at the trace log add the following in configuration section of your web.config. One you run you application with settings below, a sdk.log file will be generated in the base directory of the website. You can also provide an absolute path for sdk.log to a directory where you web process has a write access.


NOTE: In case the file doesn’t get generated, make

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sure your web process has write access to the directory sdk.log is getting generated in.

6 thoughts on “Curious about whats under the HealthVault SDK’s hood?

  1. Nevermind that last comment. It shouldn’t be in the *appsettings* section, but in the root of the *configuration* section.

    However, the tags should not be uppercase. Changing them all to lowercase fixed it for me.


  2. above config xml snippet didn’t work for me. It’s not valid xml..

    I used the xml snippet from the health vault documentation CHM file. Pasted under the configuration node.


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