Happy Birthday Maris!!

originally uploaded by vbha.

We had a blast at Maris’ birthday yesterday.

The original plan was –

  1. 5:30 PM Meeting at Seattle Centre for a Bonfire
  2. 7:00 PM Get Dinner at Bamboo Gardens
  3. 8:30 PM Hit the Ice rink at Seattle Centre
  4. 10:30 PM Enjoy Piano Duet at Chopstix,
  5. 12:00 PM play games at Marisa’s place or do as the group pleases!

From 6pm to 2:30am – we had a tonne of folks. We started at 4 folks became 8 then 5 and eventually tailed off to Myself, Maris and Marisa!!

It was really really great time!!! We didnt catch much of Bonfire but the dinner at Bambo garden was pretty good, and at the ice rink we witnessed a new record in Maris from not knowing how to skate to be able to skate backwards!! And yep.. we were able to put her on spot when the pianist sang for her at Chopstix (but i was in more akward spot because he sang “Dick in the box” on my behalf…)!! From 6pm to until about 2:30am this was a blast……!!

Oh the preview pics are here – http://www.flickr.com/photos/vaibhavb/tags/marisbirthday. more pics are coming for her Camera as soon as she returns from Estonia….

Thanks to folks for making it a success…

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