Personal Finance!

Will we ever make a personal finance application which works seemlessly! I tried Quicken for a while and liked it but for some odd reason i switched to Money and man! its so often misconfigures my accounts, i can no longer reliably keep track of my accounts by using the auto-sync button. I have my old quicken and money files and i’m looking for something which will allow me to import them and yep! something which if i start using will still be usable 5 years down the line. I was looking to use some web 2.0 sites like Wesabe, Expensr which claim to have cool community support and very easy to use interface, but i hate the idea of downloading and uploading my bank account files all the time.

Well it happens that i can probably try Wesabe. It lets you schedule uploads if you use firefox. I should rather concentrate on tools to make up and realized financial goals rather than money accounting. Goals are the most crucial aspect of financial management. Well whats your money worth of, if you cant use it for anything@!

So what would be one’s financial goals?

  • Save 50% of Salary
  • Build Equity of 50K
  • Achieve rate of return of atleast 10% on Savings
  • ??

One thought on “Personal Finance!

  1. I would rather not expose myself to the risk of managing my finance through open social networks although I agree there needs to be a common denominator or some sort of simple tool to manage my personal finance. The file formats, ease of transactions, reporting features needs to be combined into a simple and portable format like XML and then be able to read from different softwares like quicken. The idea that I do buy from Wasabe is tips which helps me manage my finance. So if I can mask my personal financial info and just upload my expense “pattern” then its worth the dollar !


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