Turtles and double turns! – Advanced Salsa it is!!

Alrite, i’m moving on to another level at Centrun Ballroom to learn more of Salsa! The 3-d class is teaching some rapid movements. Altough i couldnt dance yesterday because of my sprained ankle (yes, thats another story – i sprained it while rock-climbing, took my first trad climbing leader fall…).

Anways, the double turn involves switching the hands behing the back and then doing a pizza in 8 beats. Its then followed by Turtle where the gal through inside turn and across, then follow it with blocking her hand at elbow and having her do three quick inside turns in half a cycle.

So that way Salsa 3-d class 1, wow! I plan to keep a dairy of my salsa learnings here and hopefully i’ll learn faster and be more elegant soon :)…

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