Steps To App – My MS Plans!

  1. Pre-app :
  1. Send emails to all the universities asking them about admission criteria and application deadline.
  2. TODO: Make a sample preapp email.
  3. October Mid
  • Select Universities Stage -1
  1. Make a list of atleast 21 probable universities
  2. Rank them in order such that 7 falls in each ranking triad.
  3. Sep last week – Oct 3rd Week
  • Select Universities Stage – 2
  1. Finalize the top 10 out of above 2 after intensive debate and thinking on criteria like Goals/Location/Fin Aid…
  2. Oct First Week – Nov First Week
  • App to unidersities Stage-1
  1. Apply to 1-3 Universities with

i. SOP

ii. Reco letters

iii. Transcripts

iv. Send GRE/TOEFL Scores to these universities

v. Portfolio of

1. EE Projects

2. Public Admin Experience

  1. Timeline Oct 22nd – Mid November
  • App to Universities Stage -2
  1. Apply to top 5-7 priority universities from Stage 3 using experience of stage 4
  2. Timeline: Nov – mid Dec
  • App to Universities Stage – 3
  1. Apply to 2-3 universities on your gut feeling even if they are not in the finalized list.
  2. Timeline: Dec – Jan
  • Follow up


  • Finish SOP Recos and Transcripts by Oct 20th
  • Also Make Portfolios by Oct 20th !!!
  • Give GRE by Nov First Week
  • TOEFL by Nov Second Week
  • Give TSE by Third Week
  • Target to Finish Apps by Mid December

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